Rosie (Seanchas) @ National Folk Festival Canberra

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EPIC (Exhibition Park in Canberra), Flemington Rd &, Northbourne Ave, Mitchell ACT 2911

Seanchas @ The National Folk Festival Fiona McVicar / Rosie McDonald / Anthony Woolcott / Ken O'Neil

These time travellers in sound together unlock the secrets shrouded in the words, music, symbols and stories of the past - from beautiful ballads and songs of the joy of lovers re-united to choruses delighting in the seasons, from toe tapping, skirt-swirling fiddle tunes to evocative mist-swirling airs. Seanchas bring you the music that inspires and delights them. With 2 guitars, 2 Irish bouzoukis, fiddle, bodhran and 3 part vocal harmony, Seanchas explore the depths and breadth of the folkloric canon to bring you the music that inspires and ignites them.

The National Folk Festival: From high-end entertainment to the expression of folk-life through grassroots and community activities our multifaceted National Folk Festival is the ultimate celebration of all things folk. Our Festival is designed to inspire, enliven and entertain. From traditional and contemporary grooves to the quirky and the endearing it features all the key elements that make people want to come from everywhere to be part of it. Our vibrant Festival site is populated with themed bars, Festival food and market stalls, circus performers and roving musicians and our multi-disciplinary program is broad and innovative boasting an A-list of performers from around Australia and the world. 20 venues provide a range of concert and performance based experiences from our big stages to more intimate spaces where you can enjoy a more up-close experience with our performers.