Parramatta Female Factory - Song Suite

Rosie McDonald & Cliona Molins were commissioned to write a suite of songs for the Bicentennial of the opening of the Parramatta Female Factory, which resulted in their new EP, "Mothers of the Nation".

Rosie & Cliona will not only commemorate and celebrate the convict women of the Female Factory (of which 1 in 7 Australians are descended), but will sing many other songs that pay tribute to the resilience of other unsung female heroes.

Inspired by the storytelling tradition and the music of Ireland, Cliona and Rosie (singer/guitarist in Rosie and Nigel) have collaborated for many years in well known Sydney band Folklore (now Seanchas), and have played many times at the National Folk Festival.

Launch of the album, Friday 26th Feb 2021, at the Leichhardt Bowlo. 

Hear her recent Radio National The Music Show interview with Andrew Ford. (Click icon below)